Quick Braids for Short Hair

By Azalea Pena Leave a Comment Women with short hair are known to prefer low-maintenance hairstyles. These women like the wash n' wear look without the need to spend an hour or two styling it. On the other hand, short-haired women also exude unbridled sexiness and confidence despite spending way less time styling the hair. However, it doesn't have to be always the wash n' wear look wherever you go, right? These cute and easy braids for short hair will amp up your look and prove that even short-haired women can sport lovely weaves! Braids for Short Hair Are you ready to give braiding a try? Start with these: 1. The Crown and Bun The finished look seems intricate and hard to pull off by yourself, but if you look into the step-by-step guide, you'd see how doable it is. Start with making your twisted bun and then work your way in braiding the front and center part of the hair to create the crown. If you want to keep it simpler, you can always just do the front braid. When you have short hair, bobby pins will really come in handy when securing the braids so make sure you have LOTS of them around. Moreover, this look is great for Sunday luncheons or even date nights! 2. The Profile Braid I'm sure a lot of short-haired women will like this simple and chic braided hairstyle. The braid is so easy to do but the finished product seems much more complicated. While the other side of the hair is let loose, no one will be expecting the surprise braid when you turn the other cheek! 3. The Single Waterfall Braid from presleehairstyle.com This intricate looking braid is actually a very simple single waterfall braid. Anyone with short hair can do this and it will look incredibly cute and pretty while exuding an efortless beauty. 4. The Modern Dutch Braid Do you want an easy braid that looks amazing? The modern Dutch braid is the way to go. For short-haired women, just make a Dutch braid starting from the outer corner of the eyebrow. Go over the head until you reach the back of the opposite ear from where you started. Anything that remains on the other side can just be twisted and pinned in place. This look may take 5 minutes or less to do and it can be used for casual or fancy events. 5. The Braided Updo These steps just show that you just have to make three pigtail braids and then place them in consecutive layers to make it look like a delicate braided bun. The tutorial is really neat! 6. The Little Fishtail Braids from translate.google.com If you like something that is less traditional, you may opt for the cool fishtail braid. Doing fishtail braided strands and tucking them underneath the rest of the hair makes it a clean, cool and very chic look for short-haired women. 7. The Half Pony Braid The half pony braid is for women who do not like to braid every strand of their hair from the roots. As you can see here, the other half of the braid is just purely from strands so it can actually be position in a different way. The beautiful thing about this braided look is that if you use to as an accent for a half pony look, you can also push up the back of the hair to create a volumized crown, which makes the look extra special! 8. The Braided Bangs Bouffant I'd like to call this look the BBB--Braided Bangs Bouffant. It is such a unique look for short-haired women and yet, very easy to do. Just braid your bangs and tuck them under that big bouffant on top of the head. While braid and bouffants may not always go together, with this one, they sure can! Having short hair can really give you more sleep in the morning...but, hey! Even if you choose to do a little braid here and there, it still won't take a lot of your time. So go ahead, start practicing your weaves and rock these looks!

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