Top 10 Cringeworthy Makeup Disasters

By Azalea Pena Leave a Comment Broken compacts, melted lipsticks, and broken wands are just a few of the disasters you may have to deal with. Accidents happen, and if you're a makeup lover, seeing your compact broken into millions of pieces on the floor is gut-wrenching. Nonetheless, we rise above our broken hearts and move on. But before we do, let's pay our respects to these makeup goodies that served their purpose for as long as they could. Salute! Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Buckle up! 1. Conceal What You Feel There's nothing that will get your heart pounding faster than when you know that glass bottle of liquid concealer will hit the floor in around...0.5 seconds after you dropped it. 0.5 seconds later, there it is on the floor, waving its white flag, breathing heavily and then...just passing away. Take a moment of silence, clean the glass, wipe the floor and move on. 2. Eyes Melted Like Ice What else can you say when you see your eyeshadows broken like this? Nothing. That's right, nothing! This photo just breaks our hearts. 3. Lippie No Sticky Definitely one of the most common makeup disasters that can befall you, broken lipstick is still one of those moments that will leave you speechless, especially if it's your favorite lipstick from the bunch. Just look at that, it's so sad, my tear ducts are filling up. 4. Palette Gives Cold Sweat Why can't makeup palettes have their own protective cases just like iPhones do? They are as precious and as special and they deserve the protection too! This beautiful palette was meant to live forever...forever, I tell you. But one drop led to its ugly demise and now, the only story to tell is how broken-hearted you are about it. 5. Compact No Longer Intact Whether its pressed powder, contour powder, bronzer, illuminator or highlighter, the pain feels the same. This is what happens to compacts when they fall. Just like love, when you fall hard, you get hurt. 6. Foundie is Outie And another one bites the dust. This bottle of liquid foundation is now out of commission, no thanks to gravity. But still, we give this foundie a salute because this mighty beauty soldier earned it! 7. Wand in Another Land When your mascara wands suddenly decides that it's best to move on and just reside in another land where the sun won't even shed light on it, that's when you know...it's time to get a new one, honey! Well, really, what else can you do right? Maybe your mascara just didn't love you the same way. 8. Blush Crush You want to give your cheeks some color. Well, with no effort needed, just seeing your blush/bronzer in this shape will make your face red with anger, sadness and anxiety. True enough, I didn't know we can feel this emotionally unstable when it comes to broken makeup. 9. Pen Left the Den Let's face it. Your automatic lip, eyebrow or eyeliner pencil isn't happy. It decided to take itself off life support and try surviving the world on its own. But, it only realized that it couldn't when it was too late. Release the guilt, you tried your best to make it worthwhile. 10. Naked Palette Took A Bullet This has to be the most cringe-worthy makeup disaster photo in the list. I can just imagine someone elated because she finally bought her Urban Decay Naked Palette since she's so excited to do smoky eyes. With all the excitement, she accidentally dropped it. And now, she's left with a smoky eye palette without the black shade. Not only is this so painful to go through, it is also distressing to see your beautiful palette have a bald spot! Ladies, by now, we should have all realized that love hurts. But loving your makeup goodies is so worth it! While these photos may seem depressing to an avid makeup fan, let's end this post with some positivity. For one, know that you only lost one soldier and that you still have an army (on that vanity table) to make you look beautiful every day. Next, YAY! It's time to buy new makeup! And lastly, lesson learned: let's all be extra careful with our treasured makeup products next time.

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