Unique & Cool Gifts For Guys | Here’s What To Buy Your Men For Christmas

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Holidays can become quite stressful especially if you're looking for gifts for guys. I know, right? Giving something for girls this season is a million times easier. Like, how can a set of nude lippie or a store gift card can ever go wrong for our ladies? Well, here's a guide on unique and cool gifts for guys to take you out of the blue.

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The Christmas greetings and holiday songs are here again! It's only a few days before Christmas day , and I bet you're whacking your heads to get everything together. I have several parties / meet-ups to attend to so I should be getting my schedule together. On top of that, I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping.

This is where the dilemma sets in. I know I'm quite an amazing giver when we're talking about my girls. I can't say as much when it comes to gifts for guys. I'm not quite as confident the guy I'm giving the gift to would thrilled to actually have it. Is this concern familiar?

Coming from that experience, I know it would be so helpful to have a guide on what gifts for guys we can give this season. Lucky you! Kiss away your predicament on what to buy your dad/brother/boyfriend as I'm dishing out this guide. Note that this list is a product of several days of research, and with due consideration to the very manly kind of guy. Here are my top three suggestions of unique and cool gifts for guys this holidays.

1. Foldable Bike

Foldable Bike | Unique & Cool Gifts For Guys | Here's What To Buy Your Men For Christmas Image via Amazon

Help the guy you're buying a gift for cut the slack and have him get moving with this super cool and unique foldable bike. The ride will encourage him to ditch the car going somewhere for a much-needed workout. Why have him go to the gym when he can be active outside the four corners of the wall? Aside from fitness, a foldable bike is a convenient piece of vehicle. Your guy can carry it along in a car, bus or even train. It can also be stored basically anywhere since it doesn't take up space. Gifts for guys like this will surely be much appreciated. This is on sale at Amazon . From $229, it is now available for $189.99 plus free shipping. Great deal!

2. Protector Watch

Protector Watch | 3 Unique & Cool Gifts For Guys | Here's What To Buy Your Men For Christmas Image via Survival Life

If the guy you're buying a gift for is an outdoor and adventure enthusiast, working in the armed forces or safety, emergency or protection sectors, this is the gift for him. It's surely a piece of beauty just by judging from the looks of it. Substance-wise, this watch is water resistant that can endure up to 660 feet. Its Swiss tritium dials and accents are guaranteed to glow for up to 20 years so users can still tell time without the need for light. Plus they wouldn't need extra batteries for this. Its nylon band boasts of a unique quick release system so the watch doesn't get stuck after an injury. Check this watch at Survival Life . It's also on sale; from $180.99 you can now purchase this for only $99.88. Truly cool gifts for guys!

3. Remote Control Pillow

Remote Control Pillow | 3 Unique & Cool Gifts For Guys | Here's What To Buy Your Men For Christmas Image via Amazon

How many times have guys lost their cool over failing to find the remote control? Yes, almost always! With this remote control pillow, never again will he lose the remote given its size and convenient location. This comfy and soft padding can be placed among the cushions in the sofa or together with pillows in the room. Bonus part? This is a 6-in-1 universal remote control that may be used with television, VCR, DVD, satellite and audio receivers among others. The filler and its cover is 100% polyester and only requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. Unique gifts for guys like this one has an auto-power off function so it shuts down after a minute or two of inactivity. Get this from Amazon for only $14.99.

Christmas is indeed a season for giving. No matter what gifts for guys you choose, the more important thing is you make the receiver feel their importance in your life. If you're really short on budget, you can always bake some cookies or other sweet treats and place them in a nice container. You can also give your loved one a personalized card . Remember, giving is beyond the gift. It's actually the thought that counts.

Which of the three items listed are you buying? Can you think of other cool gifts for guys ideas? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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