12 Cute Pastel Yellow Nail Polish Colors That Are Perfect for Spring

Light and soft pastels are definitely one of the most trendy nail polish colors this spring, but there's a certain shade that's already a standout: pastel yellow. This sunny pick has all of the warmth and colorful fun you want out of springtime manicure, while still being super easy to paint yourself. So if you're feeling like it's time for a new go-to nail color, this one may just be your new favorite. And trust us, you'll be seeing it everywhere this season.

Whether you're looking for the right color to complete your festive Easter nail art design, or you're just looking for some light, pretty colors to last through spring, pastel yellow nails are the way to go. But picking the right yellow shade isn't so easy --- some colors look super cute in the bottle and then turn out a bit too loud or barely yellow at all. So if you're looking for some options that don't veer into highlighter-yellow territory, here are the best pale polishes for the pastel yellow nails of your dreams!

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