Kristen Bell & Other Celebs Show Off No Makeup Looks While On Lockdown

By Karen Lang Leave a Comment Kristen Bell with no makeup on along with many other stars are giving us major realness during this lockdown season. Unlike our lives before Covid-19 came along, makeup is now the last thing on everyone's mind. These pictures of celebrities going no makeup on their social accounts is a breath of fresh air. **RELATED: ** Celebrities Gone Barefaced in the Midst of Lockdown 1. Kristen Bell No Makeup No doubt this lockdown has put everyone's real self front and center and Kristen Bell without makeup on is no exception. She is still as darling as ever. 2. Drew Barrymore No Makeup Drew Barrymore also showed us how real beauty requires no makeup at all. A happy disposition and a smile on your face is all you need. 3. Gal Gadot No Makeup Gal's no makeup face can be the envy of everyone. This all-over awesome woman and former beauty queen had no qualms showing us her bareface. 4. Amanda Seyfried No Makeup Amada Seyfriend's eyes with or without makeup. That's all that I can say about this beauty. 5. Dua Lipa No Makeup Another no-makeup beauty is Dua Lipa. Even though this is in black and white you can see through Dua's natural visuals. 6. Hellen Mirren No Makeup Helen Mirren exchanging a glimpse of her no-makeup self here and there to urge everyone to donate and support her ICU of choice. 7. Dakota Fanning No Makeup Natural beauty through and through. Dakota Fanning would rather stay healthy than put makeup on in this social post. 8. Jessica Biel No Makeup Jessica Biel always giving us the real score every time she posts. Her no-makeup face included. 9. Kylie Jenner No Makeup Okay, I have to say I am all for a no-makeup Kylie Jenner. Is it just me or does she look extra charming without makeup? 10. Emilia Clarke No Makeup Emilia Clarke always pretty in everything she does with or without makeup. Whether promoting a cause or just being goofy on Instagram 11. Jessica Chastain No Makeup Jessica and her flawless skin framed by her fiery mane. Such a sight for sore eyes especially during this lockdown. No makeup or with glam makeup, however, you choose to roll this lockdown season always include self-care in your routine. It can get pretty burdensome and anxiety-inducing but just take note that everything has an end. Even the Covid-19 virus. In the meantime, stay safe and stay home. What is your self-care routine during this lockdown? Share your best tips with us in the comments section below. UP NEXT: **We aim to feature the best of the best in the makeup world, and maybe that can include you! to us!** **Follow us on , , , and for the latest makeup, hair and nail trends. Don't forget to subscribe to our for cool makeup tutorials.**

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