I have spring come - ran away with it on a date :)

I just hate winter, and summer is not my thing either - it's cold, it's hot, and it's sad in the fall.

But SPRING is 🔝 🔝 🔝

⚘Not cold or hot) ⚘The days are finally getting longer and the nights are shorter, which means that I can photograph more bouquets during my working day. ⚘You can walk home. I love to walk with some music in the mood and not be afraid to freeze my ass. ⚘And my favorite is when it smells like spring. All same know this neperdavaemyy smells😍(I'll ask without jokes Pro the most). ⚘Spring is the coolest weather, when you can dress as you like, you want jeans, you want dresses and do not have to worry about how it will look in combination with a down jacket🤬 ⚘Everyone wants love in the spring, which means that boys often start giving flowers to their girls just because they are beautiful. ⚘You can wear sneakers all the time. This is my personal favorite, because I spend too much time on my feet and it is much more convenient for me to run in them :)

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